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  • RnaseH          
    RNase H. RNase H digests the RNA strand of an RNA/DNA hybrid. Important enzyme in retroviral replication cycle, and often found as a domain associated with reverse transcriptases. Structure is a mixed alpha+beta fold with three a/b/a layers.
  • Piwi      
    Piwi domain. This domain is found in the protein Piwi and its relatives. The function of this domain is the dsRNA guided hydrolysis of ssRNA. Determination of the crystal structure of Argonaute reveals that PIWI is an RNase H domain, and identifies Argonaute as Slicer, the enzyme that cleaves mRNA in the RNAi RISC complex. In addition, Mg+2 dependence and production of 3'-OH and 5' phosphate products are shared characteristics of RNaseH and RISC. The PIWI domain core has a tertiary structure belonging to the RNase H family of enzymes. RNase H fold proteins all have a five-stranded mixed beta-sheet surrounded by helices. By analogy to RNase H enzymes which cleave single-stranded RNA guided by the DNA strand in an RNA/DNA hybrid, the PIWI domain can be inferred to cleave single-stranded RNA, for example mRNA, guided by double stranded siRNA.
  • RNaseH_C    
    T4 RNase H, C terminal. Members of this family are found in T4 RNaseH ribonuclease, and adopt a SAM domain-like fold, consisting of a bundle of four/five helices. These residues may have a role in providing a docking site for other proteins or enzymes in the replication fork.