1. Start from virus
  2. Start from domain
  3. Explore domain usage
  4. Example

Tutorial - Start from virus

1. Locate virus through the taxonomy from the virus list or from search box.

2. After selecting a virus, proteins within that virus are listed in a table.

3. For each domain, click on the number of viruses to obtain a list of viruses having that domain.

Tutorial - Start from domain

1. Users can select a domain from a list of domains found in each clade or from the search box.

2. After finding a domain, a list of viruses containing that domain will be listed in a tree structure.

3. Users can also find other informations such as domain-domain interaction partner, GO term annotations from domain page.

Tutorial - Explore domain usage

All domains used in VIP DB can be found in domain distribution table. This table shows the prevalence of domains across six categoris of viruse, dsDNA, ssDNA, dsRNA, (-)ssRNA, (+)ssRNA, satellites, retrovirus and others.

Clicking on the domain Pfam id can also link to a list of viruses which contain this domain.

An example

1. Search viruses having both Ebola_NP and VP40 domains through advanced search.

2. Search result shows 6 viruses (including 5 ebola viruses and Lake Victoria marburgvirus).

3. Click on the order Mononegavirales and find all 6 viruses that are closely related and belong to family Filoviridae.